Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bella 5k

Steady running today at the Bella 5k. Finished in 21.04. Attempted 4.00 minute kilometres from the start but by 3k it became apparent I was not quite up to that pace on the day -- slowed for kilometre 3-4 and then picked up again slightly for the last two. Reasonably happy with that -- maintenance running rather than PB running. Some great performances from my Bella chums including both Jonathan Slow 20.01 and Alastair Kell who dipped below 20 (gun times - their watches were 2" faster). My old mate Ian Goudie finished ahead of me by 13 seconds. Bute next Saturday -- looking for a decent 10k !!! Well done to my colleague Alison MacDonald for running a creditable 26.45. Pic shows Brian Burnett, club president Emma and Katie from Achilles Heel making a draw at the prizegiving.

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